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.club refers to an orgnization of people interested in a particular activity or the place for such activity
.buzz refers to make a humming sound. this word belongs to english slang. it is also someone's name.
.ceo means chief executive officer. chief executive officer is the chief administrative officer in enterprise who are responsible for routine work.
.best means excellent,perfect and the highest standard.
.xyz is top-level domain in the world which is suitable for websties of any industry in any place.
.wiki is fit for websites where the owner would like to share his favorites and knowlege that he masters with the world directly.
.ink is suitable for websites about charting and ink.
.rest is the abbreviation of "restaurant", which is customized for the catering industries in the world.
.bar is be suitable for all kinds of bars on a global scale.

new domains will bring you benefits:
1. offer brief and simple mark of brand domain which is easy to memorize, protect and improve brand influence.
2. control domain resource,policy and reduce the cost of anti-phishing and anti-fraud.
3. seize the strategic commanding height and protect precious asset of internet.
4. develope market, operate in a new mode and enhance users' experience.




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