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Mail box service has long been the core business of Eranet. We are also one of the first providers of this service in China. We have mature management experience and advanced technology. Now our company possesses more than 1.8 thousand clients in China, due to our excellent services.

Eranet provides powerful corporation mail box administration background. You can use your company name as the extension of mail address, and decide the capacity of the mail boxes. The system is also integrated with intelligent anti-spam and real-time anti-virus functions, and it also supports multi-language conversion, WAP, WEB, POP3,IMAP,SMTP, overseas mail forwarding, and mail monitoring. You can enjoy all the powerful functions and impressive speed.
Types of Today Mail Box
1G VIP multi-process price: $9.1 / month Special Offer: $ 7.58 / month
5G VIP multi-process price: $45.5 / month Special Offer: $ 37.92 / month
1G Standard price: $6.03 / month Special Offer: $ 5.02 / month
5G Standard price: $30.03 / month Special Offer: $ 25.02 / month
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